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Youth vary in range from 7-19. When youth become old enough, we try to place them on relevant elite teams.

While the Kallisto-FCV team is focuses mainly on Youth, we do have a small group of adults, mainly elite women and master men, that race under our banner. The adults generally help with supporting the youth at race events as well as supporting each other.

The Kallisto-FCV has established relationships with variable bike shops and vendors who typically offer discounts on select equipment to the team from time to time. These discounts are only available to active team members.

You can inquire about joining the team from the Join Us page. Fill out the form, and a team manager will connect with you.

The team offers services such as coaching, team support at races, and other benefits as such, the team charges a small yearly fee to cover these costs. Adults members are expected to donate their time or make a financial contribution.

Team members and their parents are subscribed to a team mailing list. Typically, a weekly newsletter is sent out describing the activities and news for the week.

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