Mountain Bike

Based in Waterloo, our mountain bike team meets twice per week during the summer months to work on skills and speed. Mountain bike racing has different demands than road or track and requires special bike handling skills to maneuver a bike over gravel, dirt,  rock, tree roots, and whatever the off-road course throws at the road. MTB riders typically are going full on or coasting depending on the terrain.  MTB races are more endurance based with the fastest and most skilled rider typically winning the race.

Our mountain bike program prepares riders for the depends of the course. We use the Breithaupt Center, Pushlinch Tract Trails, and the HydroCut as our practice areas. We meet twice per week to improve our skills. See our session schedule to see where we are and when.

New in 2018 will be the addition of mountain bike training based in London.  More details on these sessions to follow.


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