Cycling Programs for All Disciplines


Running rides from the FCV and local training areas in London, the team meets for group rides and training sessions on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Road cycling for Youth!

Dedicated Youth sessions take to the road on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays through out the summer.

Riders in the GTA and Waterloo areas are also able to participate in rides and training through our affiliations with the Lapdogs Cycling Club and the Waterloo Cycling Academy.


The team is the only cycling team in Ontario with dedicated access to a velodrome. The Forest City Velodrome is our home in London, ON. 

Dedicated Track Time!

Training on the track happens on Monday, Thursdays, and Saturdays throughout winter at the FCV

Racing at the FCV and Milton Velodrome

Team Track Time at the Milton Velodrome


Waterloo is the home of the MTB program. Using the Breithaupt Center, Pushlinch Tract Trails, and the Hydrocut, your are challenged to race off-road.

Race off-road!


Weekly MTB Training in Waterloo and London

Training rides on Tuesday and Thursday evenings

Dedicated team for MTB racing

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