The team is unique in that it has it's own track training center in London, ON. The Forest City Velodrome is a 138m wooden cycling track. The FCV is the smallest permanent indoor track in the world.

In the winter,  the Youth program runs on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. New riders come on Saturdays to learn how to handle a fixed gear bicycle moving from riding on the infield to taking to the track. As riders progress in skill level, riders work on handling skills and progress to learning track cycling drills to work on speed and endurance.

Riders start with the Velokids program and progress to the structured youth training sessions.  As skill, fitness, and speed build, team members join the track race team and race at the FCV and at the Milton Velodrome.

The team has successfully sent riders to compete at provincial, national, and international competitions.



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