Race day preparation is important. Getting to the race and finding you forget your shoes or helmet is no fun. Your race day could be over before it gets started. Without a proper warmup, you might find yourself off the back of the race in the first few kilometers or laps. Preparation is everything. This article will outline some of the things you should consider.

Racers Race Day Equipment Checklist Road Events

  • Race License
  • Helmet
  • Shoes/Pedals
  • Gloves
  • Jersey
  • Shorts
  • Socks
  • Warmers
  • Bike (already check, maintained, and adjusted, especially the gearing)
  • Basic tools (a multi-tool, pedal wrench, allen key set, tire levers, grease rag, etc)
  • Pump
  • Spare inner tube
  • Trainer/Rollers (make sure you have proper skewers for it)
  • Weather appropriate gear (rain jacket, tights, sweats, etc., post-race dry clothing)
  • Water (at least two bottles)
  • Food (pre-race food, gels or race food, post-race food)


Parents Optional Equipment Checklist

  • Picture of Race License (both sides) on your cell phone
  • Towels
  • Chair
  • Blanket
  • First aid kit/Band-aids
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Spare tire or spare wheel set
  • Zip ties and cutters
  • Sunscreen
  • Baby oil/Embrocation (rubber gloves for applying)


Race Day Schedule

Athletes should eat breakfast 2 ½-3 hours before race time. The best prerace breakfast consists mainly of carbohydrates, since they're digested most rapidly and are your body's preferred fuel source, says Penny Wilson, Ph.D., a Houston-based registered dietitian who works with endurance athletes. Small amounts of protein will help stave off hunger during the later miles. Limit or avoid fat and fiber; the former takes too long to digest, while the latter can cause bloating and GI problems. "I recommend foods like a bagel and peanut butter, oatmeal with milk and dried fruit, or yogurt and toast," says Wilson. Other good options include a banana and high-carb energy bar, waffle with syrup and strawberries, or even a bowl of rice.

Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Arrive early, allowing ample time to locate team mates, register, pin numbers, warm up, etc. 1½ hours or more before race time is suggested.

It is best to keep things as relaxed as possible for the athletes on a race day.  They will be nervous and disruptions should be kept to a minimum. Work on helping them establish an effective race day routine that they can continue at future races. Give them space to socialize with teammates and coaches, as needed.



Warm-up is done after registering, pinning numbers, and a team ride around the course a couple of times. This is the protocol racers will use for both races. It is suggested that parents transfer these instructions to an index card for ease of use.

5 minutes building to 70% (should be a nice and EZ start to warm up)
5 minutes building to 80% (should have a light sweat starting at the end of this 5 minutes)
4 minutes building to 90% (you should be sweaty and fresh)
1 minute building to 100% (full sweat).... use a towel to wipe your are arms and face.
2 minutes recovery - EZ spinning
3x 10 seconds full sprint, 50 seconds recovery.

Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Head to the start line no more than 5 minutes before starting. Try not to be standing

more than 4-5 minutes. This is a good time to top up your blood sugar with a banana, gel, handful of raisins, etc. and drink more water.



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